Your Magnificent Year! “Increase” Workshop!

Register Now“Increase Workshop”  – Are you thriving in the New Year? Are you showing Increase? Are you heading in the right direction in 7 areas of your life? Did you successfully pursue your goals and resolutions with a strong start? Are you living in victory – or fighting a guilty conscience over what you said you were going to do, but didn’t in the first few weeks of this year?  YOU are OK!  Use the first quarter to set up your year!  I’m here to help you!

It’s the first quarter – The strategy should be for us to begin strong, get a head start in the first quarter and stay focused and committed to our growth and increase for the entire year! It’s much tougher to come from behind. So, if we want to have a better year this year than last year, we must make the changes quickly during the first quarter.  I will help you put this strategy together with a serious plan!

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Here are the areas taught in my Online Workshop that are getting all my clients not only ready for the New Year, but seriously prepared for their entire year – a Year of Growth & Increase – that can continue to move them forward for 5 years, 10 years and more!

Your Magnificent Year!

Increase in Finances
Increase in Influence
Increase in Relationships
Increase in Health & Fitness
Increase in Personal Development
Increase in Generosity
Increase in Joy

Due to such a fabulous response from our clients and the power of the first quarter of our year, I am keeping the Increase Workshop live through March! This will help you to have “Your Magnificent Year”!

This workshop now includes a Free Webinar, followed by a 4-Part Series of Workshops plus a Free Bonus Program.

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Your “Increase Coach”,

Patti Roney, The Networking Mom

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