You have a GIFT!



If you are a Networking Mom (or Dad), Gigi or Papa, Grandmother or Grandfather, and especially if you are a Single Mom, this is for YOU as you change the world with your networking business!

Taking you back to my story – When I woke up the first morning after losing it all, lying in my sleeping bag surrounded by my babies – with basically nothing left – I couldn’t possibly imagine how life could ever work out for us. Yes, I had my dream which was my children. But, my mind could not even conceive how we could possibly survive now.

My marriage was gone. My beautiful home we had built was gone. My finances were upside down. I had been moved to a little town where I had no family and only a few friends. I needed help, hope and a gift! I felt vulnerable and weak!


The Gift

How many single moms around you are feeling exactly the same way? How many families are scared and have no idea how to move forward? I’m not talking about just those in poverty or the marginalized. I’m also talking about those who are professionals or those who have lost their way in the business world.

I’m also talking about those who just can’t keep stepping into the same job with the same boss and co-workers day-in and day-out. And what about those who sit for hours in their commute wondering if this is the best they can have out of life? How about those who feel they are always competing for the next big promotion in their job and are always overlooked?

Families try to look forward 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and longer. They just can’t see a way out of the rat race and living either in boredom, mediocrity, or pay-check to pay-check. Those who have lots of income wonder how they are going to survive another 20-30 years doing what they do, just to keep the good income.  The stress of their job or career is destroying their health and their positive outlook.

Networking Moms, you have the GIFT! I said I needed help, hope and a gift! That’s exactly what I was given when my business was literally brought to my door and put into my life. It was the gift I had needed so desperately! At first I didn’t recognize it. I had all the skepticism you can expect or maybe you had. But, what would have happened to us if we hadn’t been given this amazing gift? It was the help and the hope for a better future!

Did my sponsor pay for my business package? No! It wasn’t that type of gift. It was the gift of love. It was the gift of courage.  It was the gift that could make all the money I needed for the rest of my life and the one that would give me such a rewarding life!  It was a gift that had integrity.  It gave me the power to stay home with my children and not only survive financially, but thrive!   This person wasn’t afraid to enter my life with something that could change our entire future!  I bought my own business package with bill money.  I knew I needed a business that would sustain us for life!  And I recognized the incredible value of the specific company brought to me.

For 19 years I haven’t had to pay for my family’s products from my company with our own personal money. Rather, they have been paid for by my checks which covered our products within the first month. I have had the best health I could dream of because of my business!

As I stand on stages speaking today, I look back at that transitional moment and realize I was one phone call, one knock on the door, away from bankruptcy!  But, then…the gift came in the form of a person who cared enough to show me a new beginning – one that eventually led this single mother to the Million Dollar Club!  Amazing!!!

You may see your networking business as just paying your own personal bills, but it’s actually the gift of help and the gift of a future for families everywhere! I’m so grateful for the people who came into my life to bring me this information and this gift! Where would my family be if not for this beautiful business?

Networking Moms – never underestimate your value and the value of the gift you have to give! You are Changing Lives forever!  Give the GIFT – every day!!!

Patti Roney, The Networking Mom


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