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A very special friend once taught my family that “time will tell the story”. I look back at those first business moments, coming from broke & devastated, and all the steps that became “the story” of Victory! If you had told me of the amazing success we were going to have, the fabulous adventures, the powerful years of health & finances, and even the times I would tell my story on stages around the world, I could have never even dreamed it or believed it!  (Read the previous 2 blogs to catch up on the beginnings of the story!)


The next years would allow our little family of 7 to travel. We would spend a month in the UK traveling throughout England and Scotland. Some of us would spend 3 weeks in Australia/New Zealand. All of us would spend 3 weeks in Puerto Rico. Most of us would spend up to a month in Paris. We would go on 5 cruises together in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Alaska. We would also see many parts of Canada and Mexico as well as many beautiful places in the U.S. There were also years of tennis tournaments & dance performances, vacations, business events, and hours of joy!


The friendships would go into the thousands!   We would have more fun and have more experiences than we could have ever placed on a dream board or a goal sheet. The life would become better than we could have imagined – ever!


But, it was about “time”.   We became very skilled in budgeting our time throughout the day and throughout the week. We knew it was going to take a serious plan and strategy to conquer and be successful.


The adventures of The Networking Mom…continue!



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  1. Thank you so much for the encouragement you are to so many of us who are still sharing the USANA story. Thank you for all the webcasts, for sharing at Convention and for being such a great example to so many of us. Thank you also for your living your Christian faith, for the prayer times at Convention and also via email; many, many thanks, Patti. Lois Anderson

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