The First Step Puts You on the Journey!

The children were 6 months, 4, 5, 7, 8, & 12 years old.  Seeing the day through a child’s eyes is clearer. The sun comes up. Breakfast is what you do first. From there, the day is wide open for adventure, for fun, for learning, for friends, and for experiencing!  Life was simple for them.

I had no idea what I was going to do for our future, but climbing out of those sleeping bags and holding it all together was the first step. My mind and my heart knew what was important. The Vision was about to begin, which was the beginning of the Journey. Take the first step. That’s all you need!


It’s interesting, that once you have dealt with the reality of your circumstances, dealt with all the emotions that are part of the reality, and have processed it through to a decision, the first step is a defined solid step! I remember knowing we would not only make it on this entrepreneurial journey, but we would Be Victorious!

Mothers, Families, Entrepreneurs, use whatever energy and drive and passion you have to step out onto this path! I couldn’t face defeat and I couldn’t face such devastating failure. So, I prayed and stepped forward with 6 little ones at my side and in my arms. The fear and the guilt and the stress would just have to be put aside. They did not serve me! They could not control me! It was to be a new day and a new future and 7 of us were at risk if I didn’t hold it together with bold courage!

Humility. Love. Gratitude. Miracles. Hope. No matter what our circumstances, when we are raising our children and keeping life together, I believe we need an abundance of these words! I did for sure!

Income? Security? Conquering our Fears? Loneliness? Well, I couldn’t think about those words. They didn’t serve me or that first step. No turning back! Step forward…always forward!

We gathered in our pjs in the living room, sat in the floor in a little circle, held each other tight, prayed and began to sing some sweet children’s worship songs. I told them we would be okay and that we were going to take our First Step into Adventure! Come with me, my little ones, for we are going on a magnificent Journey! The First Step…

Mothers, Families, Entrepreneurs – Come along with us on a Journey that will change your lives & change the world!

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