The Entrepreneurial Mom – The Line in the Sand!

THE LINE IN THE SAND – I was standing outside in the sun holding my 1-month old baby boy who was a miracle of miracles and the first of my 6. My friend had come to visit and see this precious bundle – this answer to years of prayers. As she was enjoying our excitement, she said words that would push me to draw a line in the sand that would determine a majority of my decisions for the future years as a mother and as an entrepreneur!

She said, “Enjoy him. You only have him for 5 years.” I gasped! “What? I don’t understand,” I replied.

“He’s yours for his first 5 years and then his teachers and his peers will raise him.” I felt a rush of anger, frustration, disbelief, and passion that I had never felt before. Before that, I saw myself as a sweet, young mother and her sweet tiny baby. But, at that moment, my invisible swords were drawn and in an instant my future changed! The Entrepreneurial Mom – The Homeschool Mom – and the Professional Business Woman – were all released that day at that moment!

My exact words to her were “over my dead body! No one will raise this child except me and our family!”

There are many reasons that moms and families need to explore their own entrepreneurial spirits besides just money. Although the financial component is a critical one, I believe there are others that will develop your business spirits and deepen your purpose as well.

Which of these speak to you? For me, they all did!!!

Peace in the home

I can see hints of my entrepreneurial spirit as a child, flickers of the need for freedom, choices I made that gave me more time or options. I believe those embers flicker in the hearts of all people. If you are searching for yours to help you become more successful in your networking business, spend time assessing what makes you passionate and excited about life!

I’m very grateful for my friend’s “awful” words that day! Her words gave me the courage to draw The Line in the Sand that would give my family True Freedom!!!

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