The Big Vision – Where to Begin?

Every mother and entrepreneur must encounter this question – “Where to Begin”?.  To raise a family really well and to accomplish massive things with our business, we must strategize and put ourselves into a space that allows success. If you are devastated, frustrated, scared, or just challenged, I know you absolutely MUST move forward with a Big Picture Vision!

You can become your best with amazing results! But you must BEGIN.

This will involve better Time Management, Prioritizing, Personal Development, and great Parenting Skills, as well as Business Skills. (I will be helping you with this in our new program coming very soon.)

For today, consider your ultimate end result in both your parenting and your business. Looking back in 20 years needs to be something that brings you rewards for all you are going to do now.

#1 — List all Goals you have for your Family.
#2 – List all Personal Goals you have for yourself.
#3 – List all Business Goals you would like to set.

Now look ahead 20 years and mentally sit in your favorite place – the beach, the mountains, in front of your fireplace, in your garden, or on an airplane traveling. Picture “looking back” and seeing the progress we are going to design. Design the results you want in 5, 10 & 20 years!  Write some examples down.

Coming soon – The Networking Mom Presents – “Parenting & Prospering Workshops” just for you!

Enjoy your “Design Time”. From your heart you envision and prepare your mind to accomplish!

In Gratitude,

Patti Roney
The Networking Mom

One thought on “The Big Vision – Where to Begin?

  1. I love this Patti! Short, sweet, simple, straight forward and brilliant advice. Not only can I picture this example for some mothers I know that are going through some challenging times, but as newly married husband in my 30’s with no kids… I’ve got some dream planning to do! Thank you!

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