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Intentional Increase in 7 areas of your life is powerful!  This Free Workshop and the Workshop Series will give you serious tools to use for your year and your life!  I love sharing this information with you!!!   REGISTER NOW!


Wishing isn’t enough. We all need a strategy to tap into the unlimited potential that is actually available to us.   And we need a guide – a coach – a mentor! I’m here to help you have a fabulous year!!!   As a Mentor for Moms, Life Coach for Women, Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, Wellness Consultant and Lifestyle Expert, I am delighted to coach & mentor you! REGISTER NOW!


Yes, “once upon a time”, I faced many walls and mountains! You probably have also! I faced infertility, overwhelming debt, divorce, single motherhood, and even loss of purpose.


The tools I will give you in this workshop series will allow breakthrough and unexpected results, which I definitely experienced!  You will hear more of my story as you go through my workshops, but I can tell you I ended up with a beautiful family of 6 children; a powerful business with Purpose; and in the Million Dollar Club of my company! I live in mountain country and near the ocean – because I love them both! I have traveled to many countries; taken my family on multiple cruises and to multiple countries; and embraced many types of outreach and ministries! Make the difference in your life with this Webinar Series!


You will love the way this webinar series operates! You will schedule your date and time. You can enjoy the “Live” Webinar plus your Workbook that you will download.   You can then “Replay” the webinar; allowing you to pause, move forward or backward, and take more notes as you do your own work. There is also a Workshop Series you can tap into at the end of this Webinar. So, don’t miss any of the tools and strategy tips!


This has been my most popular Workshop for the past 3 years! There are many more coming this month and this year! Enjoy! Make this your very best year and expect “Increase”!


Have a Victorious Year!!!


Patti Roney

The Networking Mom


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