Moms MUST have Residual Income!

Moms, when I first realized I was facing my biggest financial hurdle of my life, and it now affected not only me, but my 6 little ones, I became fierce! I remember saying “I don’t need a little stay-at-home hobby business! I need Power Money”!

Yes, when there is a very strong income in the family unit, having a little extra added in always helps. But, when you realize you are going to need thousands and thousands for years to come, it brings the professional business woman out and you begin to think correctly about the type of business you will need.

I had never experienced residual income and had no idea what it was or what power it would have in my life.  A few months into my networking business, when I realized that every Monday morning I had money in my business before the work week ever began, I called “Leveraged, Residual Income” the ‘8th Wonder of the World’ – because IT IS!!!

I train moms and dads to build serious, long-term, residual incomes! Here is why. When you have a family, no matter how hard of a worker you are, you need to have flexibility. If the kids are sick, you need to focus on them. If they are invited to go on a major dance trip or athlete trip, you want to be able to pack up and go with them.  If you live where the kids get “snow days” out of school, you want to take off this day and go sledding or huddle by the fire drinking hot chocolate and making memories playing games or making crafts for Christmas gifts.  This “time freedom” is more necessary in families that are raising children than at any other time in your life. Freedom gives you choice and residual income is the only way you can accomplish this flexibility. Otherwise, you are stuck with linear income and that constant box that controls your freedom, your time and your income.

Moms AND Dads, you absolutely MUST experience residual income and I would tell you to work smart, focused, and consistently for the next 10 years to gain your freedom!  It may only take you 1-2 years to establish a nice residual income with your networking business, but it’s so valuable that I advise working faster and smarter now so you can enjoy that freedom as soon as possible!



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