Meet Patti

1962138_428885060580524_4467077103289632102_oHi & Welcome to The Networking Mom!

I’m so happy you are joining the thousands of moms around the world who want to raise wonderful families while changing lives with their networking business.

As an infertility patient, I went through all the obvious challenges and traumas, but then was blessed with a miraculous & amazing family of 6!  We are a multi-cultural family with some adopted and some biological children.   At the birth of my last baby, my marriage fell apart and I raised the family as a single mother.

Not only did I find myself single, stressed, devastated, but also broke from the loss of a business.   For a year, my children and I rented a small part of a home and slept on the floor in one bedroom in sleeping bags.  It was a very dark time in my life.  Guilt-ridden and totally confused, I began the search for a business that would allow me to stay home and raise my very unique family.  I was a homeschool mother who wanted to continue to have more control and more freedom “from home” with my family.

Brandt and Bryce

Brianne and Brock

Brigetta and Brittany

When one of the greatest miracles of my life came to me after months of prayer, it was my beautiful networking business.   I saw integrity and huge potential!  Together my family worked, prayed, played, grew and moved forward victoriously!

We have now traveled together, lived in beautiful places, experienced huge success and watched our family become one that we celebrate!  Success is different to everyone, but we know our success is extraordinary!  The adoptions and multi-cultural family has continued with marriages and babies for my grown children.  We are so grateful for our incredible relationships, success, and love!

1910244_154256339413_7337878_nAs that broke mother, I was able to continue homeschooling my children all the way through high school, win my company’s highest award and become part of the Million Dollar Club as well as accomplish many other victories.  The children grew up to have incredible talents developed and with an entrepreneurial business sense and empowered to Live Free!

My goal is to pass on those Inside Secrets of Success to each mom who wants to raise a victorious, happy, healthy family and have victory as a Networking Mom!  Enjoy, grow, and thrive!

Patti Roney