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New Year Increase! Be Intentional!  Be Victorious in the New Year!!! Make this your best year ever with strategic planning and developing your growth!  “Webinar Workshop” your way to Increase in 7 areas of your life for the New Year with an Experienced Expert Mentor/Trainer from the comfort of your home – no travel costs!   Explosive Intentional Increase!

REGISTER NOW!  FREE Introductory Webinar!  Also, 5-part Workshop Series (optional)

Intentional increase in 7 areas of our lives on a yearly basis affects the deepest parts of who we are.  We are people who need health and finances, but we also need vision and purpose in our lives.  Moving forward always makes us feel alive.  Moving backwards makes us feel like we have failed in some way.  No one likes to feel stagnant, mediocre or insignificant.  We crave relevance and we need to set up our New Year intentionally!

New Year’s resolutions are usually ideas, goals and desires that almost always include improvements in health, weight, fitness and finances.  But, within 3 weeks of the new year, these resolutions are tried, failed and forgotten.  We must go deeper! We must have a Plan!  We must have Purpose in that plan!  And we must have a Guide/Trainer/Mentor to help us get there and achieve the results we want for our year and our future!

In this Free Webinar and the optional Workshop Series that is also available, you will be given the ability to establish and accomplish this Increase in all 7 areas of your life!

REGISTER NOW!  Free Introductory Webinar! Also, 5-part Workshop Series (optional).

As I found myself a single mother raising 6 children, we needed constant increase financially, for sure!  I’m guessing most of you do also!  What we found was that to increase financially, required every other part of our lives to be attended to – Relationships, Personal Development, Generosity, Health & Fitness, Influence and our Spiritual development!

The results of my journey have been astonishing, to say the least!  Therefore, join me for the Free Webinar – “New Year Increase” –  and I hope you will also join me for the optional 5-part New Year Increase Workshop Series giving you all the tools you will need for this year’s journey!  These both come with a special Workbook for you to download and use throughout the year, as the work you do will be very thorough and valuable to you!

REGISTER NOW  Free Introductory Webinar!  It’s automated, so you will be able to schedule all webinars in your own time zone multiple times during the day/evening and choose your best day to view!  And, you can revisit the Webinars and Workshop a 2nd time, so you can truly dig in deeper and deeper!

Unleash your creativity, design and purpose!  Work through your own plans, ideas and needs in the comfort of your home through powerful Webinar Trainings and Workbook! It’s YOUR year!!! Let’s move you forward into Increase!

I’m so excited to work with each one of you – take out the “white page” and let’s put Intentional Increase into your life for this next year!  Let’s work together on the ideas that will help you with increase every year of your future!

The Networking Mom Team

Founder & Specialist, Patti Roney



About The Networking Mom

The Networking Mom is an Entrepreneurial Expert, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant in Health & Wellness, Relationships, Family Freedom, Time & Financial Freedom, The Homeschool Family, White Page Planning, Developing Intentional Increase, Vision/Passion/Purpose, Parenting & Prospering, Single Parents Cry Out, the Victorious Woman and the Spiritual You. She has been awarded the esteemed Vision Award, Children’s Champion Award,  Teamwork Award and is a member of the Million Dollar Club for her Global company!


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