Do You LOVE Your Days?

Networking Moms, I want to help you absolutely love your days!  I have found that hidden in the depths of purpose, health, finances, and great parenting is the desire to just love our days together with our family!!!

IMG_4071Fast forward from my story of despair and financial devastation to now…success, freedom, and choice.  I’m now “Gigi” and I continue to LOVE my days!  Last week, I was able to spend one of my favorite days with my little guy at Disneyland.  I realized that while we were there having such a fabulous day, I was managing my networking business and my guest home business with a few texts.  We played, we went on rides, we saw Disney characters, we laughed, and he had no idea that I was running a professional high-paying business at the same time!

The best part – it was a Wednesday and we get to go just about every week when I’m in California!  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE my work also!  I absolutely love my networking business, my team, my company, my products, and the amazing compensation plan!  It’s in the top 3 treasures of my life!  I do business with passion, but I have accomplished Freedom, so I can decide my business hours and location.

As I train you, coach you, and share with you, one of the ultimate goals is that you and your family absolutely LOVE your days!  I believe that moms and families crave time freedom and the power of choice.  So, let’s work smart – really smart as well as with focused consistency – and gain you this True Freedom!

Your Networking Mom Coach,

Patti Roney

P.S.  Watch closely for the information on our powerful Webinar Series for You!!!


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