It’s Their Precious Childhood!

It’s Their Precious Childhood!  Protect it, Treasure it, Develop it as an artist might!  It is a work of art that requires tender love and care for 20 years!  It’s a canvas that keeps giving back – the child! Everything that happens to us as a child has massive impact! Even though children might not […]

New Year Increase Free Workshop Now Available!

  Intentional Increase in 7 areas of your life is powerful!  This Free Workshop and the Workshop Series will give you serious tools to use for your year and your life!  I love sharing this information with you!!!   REGISTER NOW!   Wishing isn’t enough. We all need a strategy to tap into the unlimited […]

Inside Secrets of New Year Increase!

New Year Increase! Be Intentional!  Be Victorious in the New Year!!! Make this your best year ever with strategic planning and developing your growth!  “Webinar Workshop” your way to Increase in 7 areas of your life for the New Year with an Experienced Expert Mentor/Trainer from the comfort of your home – no travel costs!   […]

Your Magnificent Year! “Increase” Workshop!

Register Now – “Increase Workshop”  – Are you thriving in the New Year? Are you showing Increase? Are you heading in the right direction in 7 areas of your life? Did you successfully pursue your goals and resolutions with a strong start? Are you living in victory – or fighting a guilty conscience over what […]

FREE Webinar – New Year Increase!

  Plan for Increase in 7 Essential Areas this Year! You Need Increase! Everyone does – in 7 areas of their lives! REGISTER NOW Increase doesn’t just happen! It isn’t about wishing for something to change or improve. There are some very important processes in making this happen – Intentional Increase! As I look back […]

Do You LOVE Your Days?

Networking Moms, I want to help you absolutely love your days!  I have found that hidden in the depths of purpose, health, finances, and great parenting is the desire to just love our days together with our family!!! Fast forward from my story of despair and financial devastation to now…success, freedom, and choice.  I’m now […]

The Big Vision – Where to Begin?

Every mother and entrepreneur must encounter this question – “Where to Begin”?.  To raise a family really well and to accomplish massive things with our business, we must strategize and put ourselves into a space that allows success. If you are devastated, frustrated, scared, or just challenged, I know you absolutely MUST move forward with […]

The Entrepreneurial Mom – The Line in the Sand!

THE LINE IN THE SAND – I was standing outside in the sun holding my 1-month old baby boy who was a miracle of miracles and the first of my 6. My friend had come to visit and see this precious bundle – this answer to years of prayers. As she was enjoying our excitement, […]